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August 1, 2007


Five generals and one defrocked Bush official stood for four hours of testimony before a House committee on the death of a US soldier.

Regret that it took five fucking weeks to tell the truth - and only then after third party exposure.  No admission of wrongdoing.  No confession that they should have proceeded differently.  Rumsfeld is still the cold and unashamed liar he was when he carried the title Defense Secretary.

There is now tons of evidence that it was known, at the highest levels of our government, that Army Ranger Pat Tillman's death came via "friendly fire."  That after the truth was distributed among the administration, they continued to lie to the nation, and lie to Tillman's family.  Fabricated stories... blatant lies... about how Tillman died fighting for his country against the terrorist threat.

The only terrorists in this story wave our flag.


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