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July 28, 2007

Tour de Drugs

Now we've never really taken the whole bicycling competition all that seriously ourselves.  Sure they're athletes, but in their best light there are too many teams of thugs on wheels, apparently sanctioned by the even officials, to really think of this mess as a sport.

So we're pretty much taking the whole bicycle blood-doping and drugs thing in stride.  It's like hearing there are steroids in pro wrestling.  Yeah?  Who'd have guessed?  And how long has that been going on?  Wow, they hid it so well!

DNA tests, post race testing, Operation Puerto, blood-doping... it's like a second sport to report on.  Like the race is the qualifier, then the lab tests determine the true winner. 

Actually, they should just make that official, standardize it and be done.  Then there's no complaint, no recourse, it's just the way the "sport" has evolved.  Because it's pretty apparent that the only honor left here was left at the starting line.


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