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July 26, 2007

More MySpace

When you really start looking into something, you get sensitive to the issue, start seeing it more and more.  Or perhaps its just that your day-to-day info-shells start to fracture letting more instances of a set of terms come through, you pick up more.  Well, duh.

So we came across a pretty inflammatory essay about viewing class divisions through Facebook and MySpace.  Just thought we'd share, along with the blog by author Danah Boyd

Actually, the response to criticisms is pretty much what you want to read first, as it is her responses to folks calling her a racist, homophobic whore.  Apparently the communications got a little hot.

Doesn't she know that there are no class distinctions in America - at least none that she, as an attractive, educated, articulate white woman, is allowed to point out using recognizable terms. 


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