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July 24, 2007


As many have noted, the fact that Apple doesn't have as many security problems as business computers do is not due to technical excellence.  No, it's because its not popular enough to bother with.  Hackers cast wide nets, randomly trying to find a system easy to compromise.  If they limit their population, they limit their success.  Its as simple as that.

So when Apple releases one of the most initially successful product launches in the history of cell phones, who do you think that attracts?  Yep, those wide nets.

Yesterday a team of White Hats, that's good intentioned hackers for those of you who simply buy products, found a security flaw in the iPhone that would let "evil" web sites mine the phones for private data, and redirect the phone to other malicious web sites to further circumvent the phone's security.  Yep, it becomes their iBitch.

The culprit.  Well its just our favorite browser ever: Safari.  (Yes, sarcasm if you can't tell.)  Similar problems were found in Apple's latest attempt to bring Safari to the huddling masses wanting to run Safari on Windows.  (At last count, those masses numbered about five.)  The Beta Windows Safari was similarly hacked within a week of release.

No surprise that Safari is the first weak link in iPhone security. 

And no surprise that "hey, we have no security problems because we're superior" Apple must now face the ramifications of being popular. 

Welcome to the prom. Smug is no defense.

  And lest you forget, we're big fans of the Mac hardware.  We've been using them for years.  We just wish Apple would sell their stuff on merit, on the genuinely good product design they do, not on snarky faked-out statistics and smug half-truths.   

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