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July 19, 2007

And more about the Vitter

We have to continue to reflect on the awesomeness that is the hypocrisy of David Vitter.  This guy was one of the a-holes who wanted Clinton out of the office for getting a free blow job from a willing hose bag. (Oh, let's face it.  They wanted Clinton out of office on whatever trumped-up charge they could muster because he was leading the country into a new golden age of peace and prosperity.  Bush changed all that.  War, insecurity, and $4 a gallon gas.  And the Red States say Yay Bush.)

Vitter, on the other hand, had to pay for it.  Repeatedly. Loser hypocrite.

Do we feel for the family here?  Sure, why not.  But primary on everyone's mind should be "why didn't Davey?"  If he doesn't, it's a stretch for the rest of us. So should the media leave him alone "for the sake of his family." Fuck no.

Of course what we really want is a good-old boy from Billy Clinton here. Something about Vitter getting his hand caught in the pussy jar


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