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July 17, 2007

Are we really ready for a new bitch?

We missed the Victoria Beckham, "Posh Spice," reality TV show last night.

So how can we comment?  How can we not!

Apparently the critics ravaged it, and the US Trailer Trash (henceforth - the USTT) are cooing about how this surgically altered bit of Eurotrash shimmers in the LA environment.

Come now, even when she was in her juicy prime as one of the Spice Girls, Posh was barely even 2-dimensional.  She pouted and posed on the advice of her handlers who noted that the cranial echo effect of her voice was too much of a tip off as to how she was all poise and no essence.  Porn stars have better formed opinions and philosophies (and are by that more real, better masturbatory fantasy material than one skinny posing Brit.)

So we're predicting no recurrance of the Victoria Beckham: Coming to America show.  And that the Spice Girl, and other Spice Girls, will slip back into the obscurity they so quickly acquired after their 15 minutes of phame a decade ago. We suspect that even the USTT doesn't need a new empty headed pseudo-sex star.

After all, they'll always have Paris.


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