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July 16, 2007

Love that Madam!

We are canceling HBO, Encore and Stars this week.  For our entertainment dollar, the scrambling of hypocritical right-wingers as the are exposed for the pompous double-standard waving perverts they are beats anything on pay TV.

All of a sudden we can't get enough of Sen. David Vitter's relationship with prostitutes.

Then there's the DC Madam's phone records, and all her clientele who have to be sweating the time between now and their names being made public. Guys like Randall Tobias, the jackass from the Bush administration who was behind the policy that required recipients of Aids assistance to condemn prostitution, who cut to the chase and just admitted his infidelity  days before the inevitable disclosure.

We hope there's enough here to last until the summer series premieres.  Hell, we hope there's enough here to run a couple of seasons!


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