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July 10, 2007

Aeon Croft?

Free is usually nice.  Free and good is even better.  So when we check out Gametap this morning and see the first web animated episode of the new Laura Croft series, we get big smiles on our faces.

Peter Chung.

Peter Fucking Chung is doing the art/design/direction on "The Re\Visioned Tomb Raider Animated Series" and we couldn't think of a better choice. 

And so you ask, who? Well, Peter is the guy who created Aeon Flux. Nope, not that piece of crap live action movie. The original, mind-twisting MTV short films from their Liquid Television series. Inject a little AF into LC and you get some real girl-on-girl power.  Yup, 17 and older only please.  No cheating kids!

Go, now!  Enjoy.  Thank us later.


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