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June 28, 2007


We applaud the guys who are making a living by sitting in line, waiting for the iPhone.  That is, we applaud the endeavors of those turning that activity into a business. They're expecting to make as much as $1500 each, selling their seat to losers who are so absolutely hot for the product, like virgins at a strip club, that they'll pay that premium to guarantee getting the V. 1.0 device on day one. 

To these other guys, we say: enjoy whatever turns into the equivalent nightmare of early iPod batteries, the scratch-prone screen of the Nano, and the hundreds of incompatibilities of other V. 1.0 hardware out there.  It's always best to wait a few weeks/months/years, especially with "ground-breaking" hardware.

Perspective guys: $2100 is a lot of singles for the g-string of a pole dancer.  And it will make you just as popular.

  As we've mentioned before, sure it's pretty, but pretty is only skin deep.  Apple needs to bring this thing up to spec against other, more functional phones before it replaces our current phone.  That and make it available with a service provider who isn't retarded.  

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