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June 26, 2007


Ok, so to be clear, we're not fans of the iPhone for a couple of reasons.

Reason #1 - Cingular.  Yeah, they say they're AT&T now, but it's still rotten Cingular to the core.  We've done Cingular, their service and quality was the worst.  They're dead to us.

Reason #2 - Programs.  So far, no real expansion outside of what Apple doles out.  Not good enough. We've got more useful 3rd party Smartphone apps than we can fit in memory.  And yeah we know about the Gadgets strategy.  LAME.  Not any more useful than they are in OS10, which is very, very little.  And frankly, the lack of Slingplayer support is a deal killer.

Reason #3 - Cost.  We're not above paying $600 for a cell phone.  But not for version 1.0.  Nope, we've been there with too many Apple 1.0's.

Reason #4 - Closed.  No tethering to drive a laptop.  We might be wrong on this one (shudder!  not us!) but we've looked for this and don't find anything.  Yeah wireless is getting to be easier to find, but we still hook the phone up to be the laptops connection bitch every couple of weeks. 

So no, not excited.  Maybe next year.  Maybe.



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