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June 24, 2007

Fly Delta...

So why is it that no one is going after the airlines about overbooking.  Every fucking flight we've been on lately has had six to ten stranded folks who didn't get checked in before others who had made reservations on the same flight.  The airlines are overbooking flights now on a regular basis. 

This has got to be illegal on some fundamental consumer's rights basis. We want to see someone go after these bastards.

On the plus side, they had booked a mother and child in seats separated by six rows! We were bribed with a non-ending supply of those little liquor bottles to switch with Mom who, BONUS, was sitting in the exit row.  You can never have too much leg room.

So, upside/downside.

  And bye Georgia!  Aside from all the kidding around, we did have a great time with ya'll.  Gained ten pounds to be sure, but a few days of salads in penance isn't going to kill us...  

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