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June 18, 2007

VISA Revoked...

Seen that commercial where all the daily drone sheep are marching through consumer paradise, all cued up like good little cattle, with their VISA cards in hand?  Life runs so smoothly, even has symphonic waltz music running in the background to show how smooth everything runs.  Every little zombie in the commercial is simply wanding their VISA over the super cash register sensor to pay for their $3 coffee products and $2 sugar bomb doughnuts.

That is until some poor schlub plunks two dirty dollars down on the counter to pay for his java.  The clerkizoid gives him a look like he's just wet himself.  All the robots clunk to a stop, amazed that someone isn't worshiping the VISA plastic.  He is embarrassed, poor guy doesn't use VISA.  UNCLEAN!

Clerkizoid takes the schlub's money and he shuffles off, then the music starts up again and all is well again in mindless consumerville.  Hopefully the dirty cash user has learned his lesson and there will be no more interruptions to our buying productivity.

To which we say.... HEY VISA, FUCK YOU!  That's good American currency you are fucking with.  It leaves no paper trail for your analysts to review and determine our spending patterns.  It has no additional percentage due, your own little consumer tax, due at the end of the month.  It doesn't contribute to identity theft due to your sloppy security measures.  So, again, FUCK YOU VISA, for implying that those who don't use your product are worthless fuckwads.  America deserves better than you and your creepy view of our lives.


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