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June 12, 2007

Summer Reading #2

Yeah, it sucks, but we're big proponents of literacy.  That means reading, and more than that, understanding what you've read.
So given the onset of summer and lots of time on your hands (your hands... not ours of course), we're continuing our recommended summer reading list.

Number Two: Chuck Palahniuk's Lullaby.  You may not recognize the author's name, he wrote the book that the same-named movie Fight Club was based on.  And yeah, he writes strange stuff like that in all his books.

OK, our first two books have a road-trip as a fundamental part of the story.  Road trips are usually a series of events that lead to a personal discovery, one that would not have been made without the excursion and exposure to new elements that make us rethink our old feelings.  Road trips are also often concerned with quests, either searching for something spiritual or an item of power. 

Lullaby has all of the above.

The item of power in this case is a book of translated poems, children's lullabies. The catch - one of the lullabies kills anyone who hears it.  The discovery of such a book sends an odd crew off to the libraries of America to destroy the copies.  Why not just tell the authorities?  Do you want a weapon like this in the hands of trained monkeys?  Nope, us neither.  What they do on the road, what they become... well, that's the point of a road trip, right?

Yes, there's a sickly super-cool twist at the end, just like in Fight Club

Don't peek.


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