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June 11, 2007

Summer Reading #1

Yeah, it sucks, but we're big proponents of literacy.  That means reading, and more than that, understanding what you've read.

So given the onset of summer and lots of time on your hands (your hands... not ours of course), we're announcing our recommended summer reading list.

Number One: Neil Gaiman's American Gods.  This one science fiction literature's highest award: the Hugo.  Really more modern fantasy, it's a sure favorite for anyone already familiar with Gaiman's Sandman series. 

The plot: Gods from Europe and Asia immigrated to the US along with their worshipers.  However, worship diminished and so did the various deities power.  They now scrape along, shadows of their previous selves.

That not being bad enough, apparently new "gods" are coming, threatening the old.

Now add to this an ex-convict named Shadow. He starts having weird encounters that may explain some of the stranger stuff happening in his post-release life. The answers lie out there on the open road, and it's a road trip like nothing Kerouac experienced (although some of our own road trips have had similar episodes.)

Yes, our highest recommendation.


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