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May 21, 2007

Why we don't give a fuck over American Idol...

Well, to begin with, it's lame. Lame, lame, lame, lame, lame, and lame. If we want to watch Simon beat up on stoned/drunk/whatever past-their-prime 2nd rate singer/dancers... yeah, we're talking about Paula not the contestants, well, we don't have any interest there. And don't get us started on Yoda-Randy... get yourself some new adjectives dude.

Second: the premise of "America Votes" is just ridiculous. The only people who vote are those insane enough to dedicate hours of their lives hitting redial on their phone to try to get past the circuit busy tone. These aren't representative of America as a whole, just the totally lame, I have no lifers. Granted, there are far too many of those folks, but we hold out hope that they don't represent a majority of America. (Please, just let us live in our sad denial here.)

Third: What's that you say?  You can text message your vote in?  Oh yeah, that. Yeah, but only if you're an AT&T user. Otherwise you can't, chump. Like that's a rigged election right there - they intentionally limit your ability to vote based on a consumer choice. And make no doubt, it's an artificial restriction. There's nothing in the system that could prevent any cell phone in America from texting in a vote, and they could actively limit phones to one vote per phone number. It's totally a commercial scam to get morons to change over to AT&T so they can "take part" in this abortion of a contest.

And then there's the contest itself. Who the fuck cares. Create some new American Idol singers through this flawed and sad process?  Like we're in need?  Last we checked we're up to our asses in those fuckers.

How about a show to find and fund someone doing research in slowing/stopping global warming, AIDs research, or maybe figuring out better renewable energy systems?  Let's make some new idols there folks, we don't need more divas thank you very much. Hell, we'd even switch over to AT&T to vote on that one...


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