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May 9, 2007


We "make no bones" about this.  We "shoot from the hip" with our opinion.  "Plain talk for plain folks" is what we're all about.

We should have never gone into Iraq, if we needed to "take Saddam out" there were more expedient methods. Once in, we should have admitted we were not capable of handling all the issues by force of arms and negotiated our way out.  Now deeply in, this clusterfuck is only fixed by a retreat and tough times for any government that isn't going to use draconian methods to stay in power.

But that's nothing compared to the complexity that Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof got themselves into in writing the hit TV show Lost.  That m-fucker's one twisted bunch of plotlines and convoluted loose ends. But, after three years of cranking up the weirdness, they've got a documented (but secret) exit strategy that has them ending the show by 2010!

Guess the goofballs in Washington simply aren't as smart.  But then again, we all knew that.  Hell, the writers of Dora the Explorer could have planned an exit strategy for the war in Iraq.


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