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April 16, 2007

Tax skip days...

It's not as complex as the whole leap year calculation, but April 15th isn't always tax day.  When the 15th occurs on a Saturday or Sunday, the due date for government's ritual raping of your wallet squishes out to the following Monday.  This year, of course, it's today - April 16th.

If we were in charge we'd make the whole thing more like a lottery.  Whenever April 15th fell on a weekend date, we'd skip personal income taxes for that year.  We'd also stop funding wars that we're fighting for personal profit to balance things out that year.  Just bring everyone home for a while and see if things work out for themselves. Oh yeah, we'd also consider repealing all federal laws regarding medical marijuana... but that's a little off topic.

Of course we're not in control.  So get back to that short form and then break out the Blue Agave Tequila wage slave.

  Us?  Paid ours at the beginning of the month.  Yes, envy becomes you.  

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