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April 12, 2007

Living with it...

We got called out on calling our trip a "road trip" and then climbing on a Jet Blue plane to NYC. 

Something about us "not being as interesting" as all that, guess it's because this isn't what some would call an "authentic road trip."

OK, if climbing in your parent's Ford Tarus and hitting the road is the only way to have a road trip... we're guilty of over achieving.

However, we believe the spirit of a road trip is saying "we've got no good reason to hit the road... let's do it." And if you can do it in spontaneity and style, with some decent wine and good company, then you're meeting the mark.  It doesn't matter that the road is 30 thousand feet off the ground.

But we're willing to admit that for those who can't respect a road trip that doesn't include the reek of vomit from the back seat and at least two new creases on the fender... we'll just have to come up short of your mark.

Yeah, we'll live with that.


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