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April 4, 2007

Talking... not talking...

We were in conversation yesterday, and the iPhone thing came up again.  And it struck us, Steve has moved the conversation "over there" again.  We should have been talking about how they jumped over the expected iPod upgrade to larger screen and better UI, but instead they delivered a product that none of us really wanted, except for the fact that it's way cool.

The point: Our phones are our life lines.  Our iPods are not.  If the iPod runs out of juice... well then we have to start listening into conversations at the next dinner table for entertainment.  But if our phones run out... that's a big problem.

We don't want the two sharing batteries, and that's the end of it.  And when it comes to all the eye-candy that Apple is offering, all that juicy UI goodness that is at the heart of our techno-lusting... well we really don't need that on our phones, we just want that on the entertainment device.

And don't even go to the "one box to rule them all" stupidity.  If we're heading out for a concert or party or date... we pack light - phone only.  Taking your pocket entertainment center is waste and potentially insulting.

So, hard as it is to resist, we're voting NO with our cash.  Give us the ultimate  iPod Steveo.  The iPhone jumped the shark.


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