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April 3, 2007

Faux Rock Stars

So funny to take a trip to Best Buy and see the "Rock Stars" pick up an axe to jam with Guitar Hero.  Funny and sad, because these guys have obviously practiced tons at home before "going on tour."  That tour includes such venues as Toys R Us, Frys, and of course WalMart (when they're ready for the big time) or where ever Mom can drop them off.

If you're not already in the know on this hybrid performance game, it's a bit like a mutated version of the old Simon Says electronic toy.  Frets on the guitar come down to a few colored buttons, pressing these buttons in time with flashing colors on the screen keeps the song playing cleanly, missing a button gets a sour note.  And you score and advance based on how well you do.

But when these guys show up in stores looking all cool-rocker like, it's a real hoot.  Dude, it's not like you actually play an instrument.  Geez, the little girls playing Dance Dance Revolution have actually built up a skill, you're just a button masher.

Still, it just came out for XBOX, so we're probably going to end up with one. But we're not going to appear in any local stores, except maybe for that bit at the end of the song where you light the guitar on fire and then smash it on the floor.


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