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March 30, 2007

Just Plain Stupid...

We sit in awe at the majestic stupidity of ICANN today.  The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, after seven years of deliberation since the the proposal to establish a .XXX Internet naming extension, just ruled against it.

That's a shame.  They want to distance themselves from the legitimization of porn sites as an internet destination, but that's kind of like not legitimizing meat as a food group.  It's already there guys. 

Adding the XXX extension would have made recognition of these sites, both for parents, and for "nanny" mechanisms within browsers and e-mail packages, very simple and direct. 

Sure, there would have still been plenty of sites that wouldn't use it, would trick you into visiting by pretending to be someone else.  But the point is that if you stay there, you're probably interested.  If you leave, you're not interested.  It doesn't play into the argument of "legitimate" porn sites at all.

There's really no argument here.  Just a bunch of scared little bureaucrats who believe no action here will distance themselves from scandal. Wouldn't it be grand if they could stand and make a reasonable decision, be heroic instead of cowardly, or stupid.


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