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March 29, 2007


We get notes, mostly misspelled and unintelligible, from the worst kind of zealots.  No, nothing to do with the Middle East.  No, not the Bible Belt.  No, not even the fans of Chris Sligh.

We're talking video game fanboys.

No matter what we write, these morons call us either 360 fanboys, or Playstation 3 haters, or Wii bashers.

Let's set the record straight.  We own all three of the current gen of console games. Our entertainment center is wired like Nicole Richie on Saturday morning so they're all accessible all the time.  We've turned around on the Wii, it's a great party system - but not much more for our money. Sorry, but at least it has a use.  That's more than we can say for Sony. We want to like the PS3 - but it's unnecessarily overpriced, we're not buying BlueRay movies for it, and now that we're done with Fall of Man, there's nothing to play (at least nothing to take us away from better games on the 360.)  The PS3 looks like it might get voted off the entertainment system island soon.

And now there's all this noise about how Microsoft is "screwing" fans with the intro of the 360 Elite.  To which we say: Fucking get over it.  Its $80 more than the Premium system and includes a hard disk six times larger.  It's the black color everyone wanted in the first place, but if you're buying a videogame for its color, you're simply not someone we're listening to. Yeah, too bad existing systems require an $180 upgrade to get them into parallel, but there's no reason to do that for gaming,  Its only something you need if you're going to use the system for movie downloads or the eventual IPTV offering. 

There's no screwing going on here.  Which is a shame because the one thing all you rabid idiots could really use is an actual screwing.


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