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March 21, 2007

Keanu Kar...

We reflect this morning on yesterday's incident in Southern California.  Keanu Reeves, apparently driving a car from a parking spot, came in contact with a paparazzo photographer. Oddly stated, yes, but at this point we're not even sure of that much.

We have numerous odd and conflicting accounts from various sources:

"grazed a paparazzo standing in the street... was treated for a broken wrist and other injuries"

"The car hit me straight in the knees, straight in the knees, I was in shock, a lot of pain."

"was thrown over the bonnet of the car"

"allegedly knocked down a photographer"

"The man fell to the ground"

"he turned round in a circle and drove straight at me"

"the actor's car may have only grazed the photographer lightly and not hard enough to cause injuries or knock him down. The lawyer accused the photographer of staging the mishap for publicity"

Of course to all of this we have only one question... 

Didn't anyone get a picture?


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