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March 19, 2007

Not a clue...

Bush is speaking today on the morning of the fourth anniversary of the US invasion of Iraq.  Like most imbeciles, he needs a handler to pre-deliver his message, because lord knows monkey boy couldn't deliver a message if it were pinned to his lapel.

Tom Snow, the White House press secretary is quoted as saying "This is going to be -- the term has been used before -- a long war."

No shit. It's been a fucking "long war" so far, it's not going to get any shorter until we impeach the clueless bastard.

We've been lied to, strung on, lied to again, redirected, misdirected, lied to yet again, and finally insulted. It's like the retarded school bully pinning you down and telling you that he's smarter than you, that's why he's on top. There is no reason for this embarrassingly clueless frat boy loser to remain "leader of the free world."



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