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March 12, 2007

Dream Cure

This one is for all those guys and gals "sweating to the oldies" or counting Jenny Craig points.

A Harvard professor has spent the last few years studying Central American Indians, with findings that they rarely suffer from high blood pressure, have lower cancer rates, and lower rates of impotence and dementia.

The source of this health boon?  From birth, they drink up to five cups of cocca a day.  The professor believes that this causes a high intake of epicatechin, which promotes good circulation through relaxing blood vessels.

We see two competing forces here in the health care industry.  First would be big Pharmaceutical, who would extract the epicatechin and create expensive little daily supplement pills.  The more interesting one would be Godiva and Hershey, each touting the medical benefits of their existing products.  Really looking forward to those commercials.


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