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March 7, 2007

A week of comments...

This week we're spotlighting comments from readers. Too late to enter something for this now... we've already selected them.

Hello evil guys, you probably know this but I know you're fans so; there's a comic book series being done of roland's backstory fromthe gunslingers books by stephen king. Looks to be the story from Wizard and Glass that Roland tells but still looks cool. Anyway keep being funny, Mix Master Max (uk)

Thanke Sai. Yar, we're all over this.  It's a seven issue story to start out, we think you've pegged the plot.  They'll probably expand a bit.  Then they'll be off telling other side-stories in the series.  So far it's great writing and wonderful art. We're very pleased as the core seven books in the Dark Tower series are among our all-time favorites.  There were times when one of our biggest fears was King would die before he finished them.   


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