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March 6, 2007

A week of comments...

This week we're spotlighting comments from readers. Too late to enter something for this now... we've already selected them.

ok. i've always wonderd what it'd be like to meet some creep off the internet. . . . . . so my name is taylor melendy and i'm a female. i'm 19, and i need something derastic (wether it's good or bad) to happen. i'm not askin you to make that happen, but i'm takin a little step by giving you my name.

That's OK, just don't give them any address or e-mail name.  Drastic eh? Maybe at 19 something drastic might be like heading off to college or getting a job?  Just a thought.  Drastic doesn't always have to be getting a new set of piercings or trying out a new social disease. 


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