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March 5, 2007

A week of comments...

This week we're spotlighting comments from readers. Too late to enter something for this now... we've already selected them.

Yay. A site that depends [slightly] ont he sutpidity of others! I am not alone! I'm surrounded by people that are stupid, have no life, or want mine. It's kinda creepy. And frankly, I'm afriad. People want to put me in some wierd story with this wierd other character that tries to eat me. But that's okay, bucause that happens in almost all my dreams. It's pretty freaky. I'm insane, I know it. and I don't give a frak-a-lakin'. - Shinji Ikari [if you know where this name is from, you get a cookie. A BIG cookie.]

Yes, we know Shinji Ikari.  Good luck with the Angels. 


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