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March 4, 2007

A week of comments...

This week we're spotlighting comments from readers. Too late to enter something for this now... we've already selected them.

Been a while since I shouted but I'm feeling the need to share. Or vent. Call it what you will, but I'm pissed. And of course you realize I'm not alone. Here we are, nearing the end of 8 years of insanity with Dubya at the helm and I'm STILL flabbergasted that the American public is so stupid that they elected this idiot...TWICE! And what really chaps my ass is that this country is spending billions on the Great Oil War (Part Deux) while I and millions like me have no health insurance. There are still homeless people on the streets of every city in the nation. Millions of children go to bed hungry at night. I've heard the words "new civil war" tossed around but let's face it, not only is the American public as stupid as a herd of cows but we're just about as fat and lazy. ---> Sarah

Thanks for the vent Sara.  No argument from us.  But hey, if it weren't for the bad times, we'd have no appreciation for the... no, scratch that, we don't need this shit to appreciate the good times.  The funny thing is how much W wants to be remembered as a great president, but every damn thing he does pushes him further and further down the road to that "world's worst national leader ever" trophy.


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