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January 31, 2007

Naked "Harry Potter" Star

Was it too much to ask?  When we heard that one of the stars of the Harry Potter movie series was going nude for a play, we momentarily reflected.  Well, certainly not going to be a naked dead Richard Harris.  Safe there.  Unlikely to be Maggie Smith.  It would certainly appeal to Robbie Coltrane, but somehow we thought not.

Oh Oh!  Fingers crossed!  Emma Watson?  Oh, no... she only turns 17 in April after all.

Sigh, no.  It's Harry himself, Daniel Radcliffe, going starkers in a West End production of Equus.  Same old story, naked boy who blinds horses... sigh.

Come to think of it, the only ones of age that would really make news here are Katie Leung and fairly hot Clémence Poésy. 


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