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January 26, 2007

Yeah, we're picking on Sony...

But they started it.

This time, we're predicting the death of Blu-Ray.

Why?  For the same reason Betamax failed.

History lesson: Sony was first to market with Video Recorders in the early 80's.  They had a smaller, better format, and they had the installed base. But within five years Betamax was the punch line to a joke.

Why?  Well, since you keep asking, we'll tell you.  It's all about the PORN.

Sony had decided that they wouldn't allow (yeah, they had to allow) mastering of pornographic materials on Betamax.  They just didn't want to be associated.  VHS format came in, said "Boy Howdy" to the sexy content, and all of a sudden millions of people were buying VHS format video player/recorders. 

So back to Blu-Ray.  Sony has decided they don't want Porn on Blu-Ray discs HD DVD is saying "Boy Howdy."  You do the math.


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