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January 24, 2007

Three, yeah less than we thought...

Did we mention we picked up a PS3?  Maybe? Too lazy to go back and check. We were in a sales-tax free state over the holidays and stumbled across the 60gb model... figured it was a sign.  Unfortunately, the sign should have been "Warning - Dangerously Over Hyped". 

It's not that it's a particularly bad system over all, although the moron who thought that the lousy PSP UI would be perfect for the console should be fired, it's just that it's... well... boring.  Bigger and more expensive than the 360, and delivering much less as a launch system.  There's only been one title, Resistance - Fall of Man, that we've been compelled to buy.  Everything else is just drekky driving games or things we've already played on the 360.

We're holding out to see if there's a Final Fantasy title in the near future. Or a Metal Gear installment. That's typically where the PS systems have shined in the past.

Otherwise, we're Craig's Listing this thing to make room for a Wii.  Yeah, we're all about the nunchuks.


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