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January 6, 2007


We're right in there with the guy who said I don't know Art, but I know what I like. 

And so when we heard about the new painting Blessed Art Thou by Kate Kretz we knew it was going to be something we'd need to look into.

The painting depicts Angelina Jolie as the Virgin Mary, high in the clouds with adopted children clinging to her, floating angeliclly above... a Wal-Mart checkout line.

Now this baits all kinds of theological/sociological rants about what this says about what middle America is worshiping these days. Like going on and on about how regardless of what happens in the Evangelical Cathedral, religion is what you practice, not what you occasionally experience.  We're sure there's lots to discuss here...

Or maybe, that just sums it up?

  That Wal-Mart depiction is eerie, so real.  Seriously, check out the herd beasts in line... it's just like being there!  

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