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December 29, 2006

The Cost of Integrity

One thing you can say about fanboys is that they very rarely need real experience to hold a passionate experience.  "Oh yeah, that Seven of Nine would be hot in bed" coming from the mouth of a thirty year old virgin for example. Yeah, that Ferrari would totally rule over that BMW from the guy driving a rusty Honda Civic as another.

So we take our fanboy opinions quite seriously here.  To the tune of $600 the day before Christmas.  We walked into Best Buy and were confronted by an unsold Playstation 3.  Given the damn thing is still selling for retail plus $300 on eBay, we couldn't walk out without it, and the top selling game on the system: Resistance - The Fall of Man.

Now, we'll also say that we've had XBOX 360s since the day of availability, and Gears of War is sucking up many hours of time we could otherwise be spending drinking. (Yeah, that's a stretch - they do go together quite nicely as you may already have guessed.)

So, what's the verdict? Sony has dropped the ball. They have a nice little console, but it's no 360.  Maybe around 220-230 range.  Can you believe they shipped a "Next Gen" system without a cable to hook it up to a high def monitor?  And R-TFOM is a very pale shadow of a hint of GOW.  It's not even up to what PREY was. There's more, the UI sucks, their store is lame, they don't have background downloads... our geek-list is long here, but we'll leave it at that.

So for now, thanks for playing Microsoft's game Sony.  If you brought your A game to this launch, you're not in the same league.  We're not counting you totally out, we'll be watching.  You're not quite up for sale in our eBay closet cleaning, but we figure its six months to decide if your spot in our entertainment console is going to be given up to the Wii. 


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