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December 28, 2006

You First

We love the anonymity of large national organizations.  The AMA comes to mind, as does the DEA.  Today the spotlight falls on the FDA - The Food and Drug Administration.

They've just made the statement that eating clones won't harm you.  Yes, they're talking about you the reader.  Right now, they say if you eat clone meat, you'll be a fine and healthy consuming machine. That is until your eyes go all chalky and you start wandering the streets with your arms stretched out and mumbling "mmmuh... brains..."  Don't any of these assholes watch horror movies?

At least, this time we have a name to pin this on: Stephen Sundlof, director of the FDA.  He's the guy who held the conference to tell you that cloned pig, chicken, cow, and goats (Yes goats!  Eaten much non-cloned goat recently have you?) are safe to eat.

OK, fine and good.  What's missing from this picture?  Stephen Sundlof chowing down to some fine clone meat himself. Slather it up with clone gravy and wash it down with a tall glass of cloned goats milk.  Just to prove a point.  Put your mouth where... well where your mouth is Stephen.

Till then, we're eating more salad, thank you very much.


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