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December 8, 2006


We just read about another one of those "word" lawsuits. "You can't use that word because we own that word" kind of crap.  In this case, start at the Heart Attack Grill home of the "Double Bypass Burger."  It's kind of Hooters meets Scrubs if you get our drift.  The burger in question is four half-pound beef patties, four pieces of cheese and a mound of bacon.  The owner describes it as "nutritional pornography."  But that's not what's getting him in trouble.

It's the wait-staff.  They're dressed as naughty nurses.  If you finish the DB burger, they will take you out to your car in a wheelchair as a prize.  Their costumes don't quite fit, but nobody is complaining.  Or at least, none of their customers.

So who's upset?  The state of Arizona's Attorney General has gotten involved, apparently due to a letter writing campaign by a few real local nurses.  Arizona Statute A.R.S. 32-1636 notes only someone who has a valid nursing license can use the title "nurse." 

To which we say... don't you have real work to do?

In the meantime, we're trying to figure out the earliest opportunity we'll have to visit Arizona...


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