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November 29, 2006

The R Word...

Reverend Jesse Jackson needed a new cause, or perhaps just an stimulant for an old one, and so he's taken up the torch (so to speak) on the Michael Richards tar and feathering. 

Civil rights activist Jackson is quoted as saying he want's to ban racist language from film and media.  Kind of ironic for a civil rights activist to go after speech, a civil right, but there you go.

"We want to give our ancestors a Christmas present" said Jackson.

O-kay. The whole creepy ancestor gets a Christmas present thing aside, we really need to identify those most active in putting racial slurs in media stuff.  Richards of course is the poster boy at the moment, but so is anyone with Tourettes - which is what the cell phone video most resembled. Face it, a small comedy stage in LA ain't a movie or TV show, and yelling at hecklers isn't an act. It's not entertainment either, it was just an individual's unfortunate and embarrassing melt down. Richards himself hasn't had a role in the media where he used a racial slur that we're aware of.  (Of course, since Seinfeld he really hasn't had a lasting role anywhere.)  Last examples of rampant racial slurs we saw were in films and TV like Hood of Horror and The Boondocks.  

To help this crusade against racist slurs, Jackson is calling for a boycott on the sales of the DVD collections of the seventh season of Seinfeld.  A show ripe with racist overtones and slurs... uh huh. Right.  Once he's successful there, we expect he'll be going after the estate of Mark Twain for that whole Huckleberry Finn thing.

  Oh, and Rev? Are we still blaming Nixon's advisors for that administration's lack of attention to poverty?  Oh, what was it about that?  Something about a nickname for NYC as well?  Ah, the healing hands.  

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