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November 28, 2006

With Friends Like That...

Gotta love the press these days, how they turn non-events controversial in the same cookie-cutter fashion.  Today's example, blow-up doll Pamela Anderson splits from sharp-object hubbie Kid Rock.  And they said it would never end.

Apparently that's just what they said.

Best headline, from People:

Friends Say They're Shocked by Pam-Kid Rock Split

And then they go ahead and list those shocked friends: Denise Richards, Traver Rains, and Richie Rich.  Wow, with friends like those you could have had your choice of headlines:

Anderson Confidants Confused by Chemicals
Is it collagen lips Botox forehead, or the other way around?

Pamela Contacts Injured Crossing Street
Green go? Red go? It's so confusing, why do they make it so hard?

Pam-Kid Buds Angry With iPods
Seriously, how were we to know they weren't cell phones?

Anderson Friends Amazed by Standing Clothes Washer
How do you open the door without letting all that water out?

Anderson Buddies Shocked Handling Loose Wires
No, really. We thought standing in water was protection!

Go ahead, make up some of your own.

  Kid Rock, Chris Rock... come on - is there really a fucking difference?  

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