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November 23, 2006


Another update on OJ's book.  Now cancelled, it's of course turned reviewer copies into collector items. Reportedly selling for over $10k on eBay.

But, given this little blood diary was a blatant attempt to sensationally create a money machine, what really needs to happen here is for the book to get digitized and set free on the web.  That will really prevent it from ever being successfully solicited with another book publisher, or even make it a reasonable vanity press item. 

Not that we would ever suggest that a person's intellectual property be digitized and distributed throughout the world without their permission.  No, that would be wrong and we wouldn't suggest that. Unless the "person" in question was a stone cold killer, liar, psycho, who walked free because Southern California spends more time arresting drunken celebrities than studying police procedures.  Then, and only then, it might make some moral sense.


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