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November 8, 2006


The day after an election always has that same feel.  Kind of like the afternoon following a bad Christmas morning. Everything you got, even the stuff you wanted, is fated to fail to live up to expectations. There is no glow, just the haze of same-old-same-old.

The biggest partiers yesterday were Wall Street, with the ironic point of view that the Democrats taking the House back would mean a more stagnant government, more conflict, and less "getting done."

Face it, when the money rejoices on the prospect of your elected officials being incapable of doing their jobs, it is one fucked-up system.


  We know it's going to be hard for some of you to understand, but we stand by our position of yesterday.  If you didn't vote, you have no right to complain.  Don't even try to explain it, you're a permanent resident of STFUville.  

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