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November 1, 2006

Too Stupid for Jokes

John Kerry made a joke during a speech. Went something like this:

Education is important. People need to be educated.
If you don't have a good education, you don't make smart decisions.
Then, bad things happen to you... like you get stuck in Iraq.

To any thinking person, this is an obvious reference to the frat boy currently infesting the Oval Office. He's stuck in Iraq without an exit plan. Everyone except him knows how important an exit plan is to the nation, but he's just not getting it because he spent too much time partying when he should have been studying. He is not a smart man, he's stuck in Iraq.

It's not a great joke, but you'd have to be dumber than a box of really dumb hammers not to get it.  Of course, the moron-in-chief and his swift-boating cronies are quick to look even stupider than that if they think it is to their political advantage.  Hey, John Kerry is talking about all the soldiers who were too "stupid" to get an education and now have to fight in Iraq they whine.

What a load of disingenuous crap.

One of the headliners in this parade of pretend pinheads is John McCain.  This honestly saddens us, as McCain used to be a rare find among politicians; one with balls, integrity, and smarts.  He got smeared by the Bush machine during his run for the nomination, but never got down in the dirt with them. Somewhere along the line an alien pod was put into play and he turned into just another party ass-lick. 

No surprise then when McCain called on Kerry this morning to "apologize to the troops."  But then he got even crazier:

"I consider John Kerry a friend, but my first obligation is to the men and women serving in harm's way."

Welcome to fucked-up crazy town, where you opportunistically smear "your friends" and support the troops with political double-talk and rhetoric instead of supplies and strategy.

At least Bush is sincerely dumb.


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