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October 25, 2006

Actors and Airbags

Rush Lamebaugh knows how to get himself into the press.  Just open your pie hole and say something really just fucking stupid.  The stupider, the more press you get.  This week, he was spotlighted like a leper flasher on stage at Carnegie Hall.  (That analogy didn't quite come out like we planned it, but we like the visual.)

And he did just that this week, accusing Michael J. Fox of acting like he has Parkinson's disease.  Specifically, calling Fox shameless, for exaggerating the muscle spasms and lack of motor control that comes with this debilitating disease.

Fox was featured on a 30 second commercial backing a Missouri candidate for the Senate, one who is in favor of stem cell research into cures for diseases like diabetes and Parkinson's.  Rush is of course pandering to the Religious Right, and other haters of the states painted red, as they are against such research.

After accusing Fox of shamelessly exaggerating the effects of the disease, a supposedly chastised Limbaugh gave a "in name only" apology for his prior statements, but then launched into a new form of attack saying Fox was exploiting his disease for political reasons. 

Face it Rush, if there was a possibility of stem cell research curing you of being a big, fat, idiot, you'd be on it like a rack of ribs.


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