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October 18, 2006


We're gonna go a little "fan-boy" on you this morning.  If you haven't been watching Heroes, this won't make much sense.  Lucky for you, you can go to NBC.com to watch what you've missed.  Go there, do that, come back.  We'll be here.

First: After two tentative initial episodes, we have to turn our thumbs up for NBC's Heroes.  It was the last five minutes of the third show, and the preview of next week, that showed us that they "get it" and we can't wait for more. 

Second: Earlier in the same third episode, Hiro and friend get tossed out the back door of the Vegas casino we see a plaque on the wall that identifies it as "The Montecito," the casino run by James Caan in NBC's Las Vegas

What would make this whole thing perfect would be a scene in the Las Vegas season opener that showed Hiro walking through the casino in the background. That would be awesome.

Yeah, guess you had to be there...


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