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October 4, 2006

Foley Around

The Mark Foley scandal is making our news day. The general Republican tactic of blaming everything on tax and spend Demos keeps getting tried, but here is just the political equivalent of Tourettes Syndrome. Caught with their pants down, and one-hand typing, this is a circus that keeps bringing new acts out even as it tries to usher the rubes out of the tent. 

But what you have to love is the way this plays out in the media.

Case in point, and this is a visual so stay with us, yesterday's MSNBC headline.  The headline had some lame pun, like Ex-Foley-Ated, and a condemnation of the sickness Foley inflicted on youth. But the picture next to the headline was of Republican House Speaker Dennis Hastert. 

Now we're not going to say that all MSNBC readers are going to be confused by this, but if only a few think Hastert is Foley, and yell something appropriate at him when they see him on the street, it's all good.

  Of course if they recognize him as Hastert, there's plenty to yell as well.

And if you're not up on the news, Hastert is playing the role of the Vatican in this little drama, protecting child abusing priests instead of stepping in and laying down some Inquisition on their asses.  Unfortunately for Dennis, his papal immunity is imaginary.


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