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September 29, 2006

Unseen Movie Reviews

How about a new semi-regular feature?

We'll thumbnail review movies for which we've seen nothing but the trailer, if that.  Today's group:1

  Jackass Number Two
Well, we didn't see #1, but #2 seems prettty appropriate here.  We're actually more positive about this movie, cuz it looks like it's going to deliver what it promises.  We just wish they'd break more of those promises.
  Huo Yuan Jia 3 OK, this one's actually called Fearless in the US and is apparently Jet Li's last action movie (now where have we heard that before?)  The director has said stunts in this one were filmed without "trickery." Where the hell did he get the idea that was a good thing? 
  Gridiron Gang4
OK, we've got friends who said they actually cried at a preview for this sports movie about "at risk" kids getting a second chance in organized football.  Frankly, the last time we cried at a Rock movie was Mummy II, but that was because... heh, gotcha, we've never cried at a Rock movie.
  Flyboys 5 All we had to see was a guy running along the top of an exploding dirigible to know that this was one to avoid.  The whole "killers only at this bar" thing was just the capper.
  Everyone's Hero
OK, it's been quietly leaked that this was Christopher Reeve's last project before he died. Yeah, that's sad.  But it's even sadder that his last project was about a talking baseball bat and ball. Add a Whoopie Goldberg voice for the ball and we're all of a sudden thinking about all the violence against women that is already out there in films.

Pick for the group: Huo Yuan Jia.

Pass of the Group: Flyboys

Might surprise us: Jackass Number Two


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