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September 22, 2006

We don't bash on the rich...

Just because they're rich. We'll bash the rich who act like any divergence from the gathering of personal wealth, such as taxes on Caligulaesque extreme luxury items, is an affront to the American way of life. By way of proof, we have terrific respect for Bill Gates, whose detractors tend to ignore that he's researching and giving away mountains of money while they diddle about with their luxury yachts.

Add to the list of the worthy rich: Sir Richard Branson. First, the dude named his company Virgin, which is cool. His products and stores are cool. He's a real adventurer. He invests in honest and good efforts. He's got a sense of humor, self, and apparently responsibility. And he doesn't look bad in a white wedding gown.

So today's news that he's donating the next ten years of Virgin Travel business profits to he fight against global warming is really not a surprise, just a reminder that this guy is one of the few, honorable rich.

Compare and Contrast.


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