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September 21, 2006

Only Revolutions

We've previously professed our love for the work of Mark Z. Danielewsk, specifically for the book House of Leaves.

Imagine our joy at a recent surprise present of a new book, Only Revolutions: A Novel.

No idea what to expect here.  But flipping through the pages, OL's layout and typography makes HoL look reserved and understated.  And that's a very good thing.  Looks like the book is attacked from two dimensions, "front" to "back" and reverse, with the "bottom" half of each page containing another bit of story upside down and traveling "backwards" through the book. Kind of reminiscent of Pavic's Dictionary of the Kazars, but on speed and mushrooms.

Obviously, we can't wait to find some time to sit down and actually read this thing.


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