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September 10, 2006

Nothing for two years...

In the news today the not terribly surprising news that the US commando force searching for bin Laden hasn't had a clue for two years.

Apparently Bush has given the CIA the instructions to "flood the zone" increasing the forces looking.

Unfortunately, nobody knows where "the zone" is. Huh. Funny about that.

Like most of the promises made, and problems created, "mandate" boy will probably be passing this one on to the next administration. 

Not to diminish the evil involved in the terrorist acts, but the only War Crimes trial we're really interested in at the moment involves an arrest warrant eventually issued in Crawfordsville.

  Wish we could find something more interesting to say today but, frankly, the news is all pretty fucked-up.  Read up on how ABC is Fictionalizing the 9/11 story tonight, or how OPEC is all of a sudden worried "that oil prices might fall." Yeah, big yucks there.  

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