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September 9, 2006

It's "the man" keeping him down... of course...

Admittedly, we never had much respect for "Fiddycent." When it comes to people who we associate with the idea of "star" or "talent" you can't easily jump to the terms "thug," "fellon" or "illiterate" as associated terms.  Much less someone whose claim to stardom is based on a thug-based felonious lack of schooling and rejection of polite society.  The appeal is limited to similarly underdeveloped individuals, or those who are mentally deficient enough to put on such airs.

So we have to laugh with as we read that Curtis was arrested in Manhattan for an unsafe lane change.  Usually that's just a ticket offense, even if you're driving a Lamborgini. But complicate that with an expired license, and lack of proof of insurance, or registration, and you've got a day in in a cell. Hardly hard time we're sure, but of course it's going to fuck up whatever plans you had for the day.

What kind of mental deficient can't put together the bookkeeping, or at least designate a member of your posse to remember, to keep your driver's license up to date and a copy of that card your insurance company sends you in your wallet.

Bound to be a song in there somewhere.  As interesting as all the other crap.


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