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September 6, 2006

Ultimate Frisbee

So just when you think the armed forces haven't gotten whacky enough, you get a military grade Frisbee?

News today that the USAF awarded a grant to Triton Systems to develop a new remote controlled leathal flying weapon, based on the childrens toy, which in turn was based on the tin Mrs  Frisbee used to deliver her pies in.

Supposedly the goal here is to launch the weapon and have it seek out "fortified foes" and "neutralize them." 

No details were available on whether the deliver system was one-use or reusable.  But it would be way-cool and somewhat sporting if the "foes" could grab the disc in-flight and pitch it back.  Real Ultimate Frisbee.

  We will be watching for this to show up in six months in the Sharper Image catalog.  

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